Nature’s Calendar

This is a guide to the seasons here in Alpine. With each new season come new events, so take a look through Nature’s Calendar to better familiarize yourself with life in Alpine.


  • Bald eagles nesting at Luna Lake
  • Dark Sky Stargazing
  • Ice Fishing, conditions permitting


  • Eaglets hatched at nest site – Luna Lake
  • Dark Sky Stargazing
  • Ice Fishing, conditions permitting


  • Spring & summer bird residents start arriving
  • Dark Sky Stargazing
  • First early wildflowers bloom – end of month
  • Raptors migrating through our area
  • Wintering bald eagles begin to leave
  • Great blue herons return to their rookery near Luna Lake
  • Average Spring runoff begins


  • Bears emerge from hibernation
  • Chipmunks end hibernation
  • Hummingbird migrants arrive
  • Native fish begin to spawn
  • Dark Sky Stargazing
  • Fishing Season


  • Wild iris bloom in our meadows
  • Native fish & tadpoles hatch
  • Fishing Season
  • May 15 – Big Lake facilities open for boat rental/camping
  • Elk calving season
  • Gambel oak and aspen trees leaf out
  • Dark Sky Stargazing


  • Deer fawning – beginning of month
  • Average last frost date
  • Summer Solstice – the longest day of the year
  • Fishing season
  • Cow elk and their calves rejoin the herd
  • Begin to see large elk herds with calves
  • Dark Sky Stargazing
  • Baby birds are fledging (leaving the nest) so are beginning to be seen
  • Luna Lake eaglets fledge last week in June, sometimes later


  • Monsoon season begins
  • Hummingbird Banding Demonstration- Sipe White Mountain Wildlife Center
  • Fishing Season
  • Wild mushrooms appear (weather permitting)


  • August 12 – Perseid Meteor Shower
  • Peak of Hummingbird Migration
  • Peak wildflower blooming season, weather permitting
  • Wild mushroom season continues, weather permitting


  • Raptors and summer birds begin migration


  • Bears enter hibernation
  • Fall colors- Aspen trees
  • Dark Sky Stargazing
  • Hummingbird migration ends


  • Dark Sky Stargazing
  • Nov 17th – Leonid Meteor Shower
  • Wintering (only) bald eagles arrive


  • Dark Sky Stargazing
  • Winter Solstice – Shortest day of the year