Nature’s Calendar

This is a guide to the seasons here in Alpine. With each new season come new events, so take a look through Nature’s Calendar to better familiarize yourself with life in Alpine.


  • Bald eagles nesting at Luna Lake
  • Dark Sky Stargazing
  • Ice Fishing, conditions permitting


  • Eaglets hatched at nest site – Luna Lake
  • Dark Sky Stargazing
  • Ice Fishing, conditions permitting


  • Spring & summer bird residents start arriving
  • Dark Sky Stargazing
  • First early wildflowers bloom – end of month
  • Raptors migrating through our area
  • Wintering bald eagles begin to leave
  • Great blue herons return to their rookery near Luna Lake
  • Average Spring runoff begins


  • Bears emerge from hibernation
  • Chipmunks end hibernation
  • Hummingbird migrants arrive
  • Native fish begin to spawn
  • Dark Sky Stargazing
  • Fishing Season


  • Wild iris bloom in our meadows
  • Native fish & tadpoles hatch
  • Fishing Season
  • May 15 – Big Lake facilities open for boat rental/camping
  • Elk calving season
  • Gambel oak and aspen trees leaf out
  • Dark Sky Stargazing


  • Deer fawning – beginning of month
  • Average last frost date
  • Summer Solstice – the longest day of the year
  • Fishing season
  • Cow elk and their calves rejoin the herd
  • Begin to see large elk herds with calves
  • Dark Sky Stargazing
  • Baby birds are fledging (leaving the nest) so are beginning to be seen
  • Luna Lake eaglets fledge last week in June, sometimes later


  • Monsoon season begins
  • Hummingbird Banding Demonstration- Sipe White Mountain Wildlife Center
  • Fishing Season
  • Wild mushrooms appear (weather permitting)


  • August 12 – Perseid Meteor Shower
  • Peak of Hummingbird Migration
  • Peak wildflower blooming season, weather permitting
  • Wild mushroom season continues, weather permitting


  • Raptors and summer birds begin migration


  • Bears enter hibernation
  • Fall colors- Aspen trees
  • Dark Sky Stargazing
  • Hummingbird migration ends


  • Dark Sky Stargazing
  • Nov 17th – Leonid Meteor Shower
  • Wintering (only) bald eagles arrive


  • Dark Sky Stargazing
  • Winter Solstice – Shortest day of the year


  • Bonnie Allison
    May 3, 2011
    10:49 AM

    This is awesome! I’ve never seen anything like this for a community website. It shows how much you appreciate where you live. Thank you for sharing!

  • Reignie Farley
    January 1, 2013
    7:19 PM

    This is so beautiful as you imagine the year moving forward and seasons of time coming and going its as if you are there, experiencing nature at its finest. Thank you for touching my spirit with this wonderous place!

  • ted409
    January 23, 2013
    9:03 PM

    i was up there years ago. got trapped in a monsoon in my tent on big lake so i evacuated to alpine. its so beautiful up there its so beautfiful . ive never seen anything like it
    you re all totally lucky to live there. bet the winters are a bear tho
    that natures calendar is a great idea . that should have people coming in year round

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