Apache County Sheriff

The Apache County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to providing equal protection and fair service to all property and citizens of Apache County in a timely and professional manner. We will be accessible and accountable to the citizens of our communities. We are committed to the education of our youth about responsible conduct, and forming a partnership with our citizenry to combat crime and violence. We will constantly strive for improvement on these principles through ongoing training, an alliance with other criminal justice agencies, and a working relationship with all residents of the County.

Apache County occupies the North East corner of Arizona covering 11,127 square miles. Apache County is larger than some states and is the third largest of 15 counties in Arizona.

Under the leadership of Sheriff Joseph Dedman Jr., the Apache County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for the full time Law Enforcement duties in Apache County including unincorporated towns and housing sub-divisions.

The Apache County Sheriff’s Office employs 80 personnel including Detention Officers, Communication Specialists, Administrative and Maintenance staff, as well as 35 certified Deputies. Sheriff Dedman also utilizes volunteer assistance with both the Reserve Deputy program and the Northern and Southern Apache County Posses as well as organized citizen groups for Search and Rescue.

The Apache County Sheriff’s Office houses all prisoners from the county courts as well as three incorporated city Police Departments. The Apache County jail also houses inmates from the Federal Bureau of Prisons and the Arizona Department of Corrections.

Although a portion of Northern Apache County is Navajo Nation, Apache County has jurisdiction for all the Non-Native American population living on the Navajo Nation.

Along with receiving and dispatching the routine and 911 calls for Apache County, the Apache County Sheriff’s Office Communication Center also receives and dispatches calls for 3 Police Departments, 7 Fire Departments, 3 Ambulance Companies, as well as assisting the United States Forest Service and Arizona Game and Fish Officers.